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Hi Woz, here's the link

I thought I had ssomething to do with the 'usage level' in the advanced menu, but there us no usage level button showing on my IHD
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Never dare a fool Woz ;)

Angela I think we can take it that if it bursts into flames you can blame @Marc...ahem...;)
go on I dare you...
Hi all,

Thanks for the replies.

I can confirm the IHD is set in power saving mode which means 5e screen display is blank except hen one of the buttons is touched. It only stays on for a few seconds after use so don’t think the screen will be using much power.

We had it in that mode when on brand new good name batteries but they only lasted a few hours and batteries were dead. So looks like something else is draining power other than the screen.

The device seems to constantly communicate with both the gas and electricity meter and check the signal. My guess this is using the most power but I’m no expert.

I don’t have a power meter to check how much power is being drained but think I will power off the IHD as it serves little purpose. I can always power on once a month when I need to send readings (which I will have to do manually for now but can’t because of a bug but that’s another story)

If I find a way of measuring the power I’ll update.

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hi Jowl,(why Jowl?)
I assume you mean the in-home-display?
Does the manual say you can power it from that socket?
Does the end of the power adapter (wall wart) go into that socket?
Does it come with a power lead for that purpose?

You ask a lot of questions lol

Jowl becuase my Initial plus I'm an Owl (Sheffield Wednesday fan)

Yes it comes with a Plug to USB adapter and the IHD is then powered by the USB cable. The 13A power sockets with usb will give a minimum 2.4A, sometimes shared by both sockets. But it means you can plug in the IHD and still charge your phone (albiet slowly)
Hi, since my smart meter installation the IHD has only ever connected to the gas mater. Even when the engineer was showing me around the IHD it wasnt working and he advised it was something that needed to be done at the pure planet end to get it configured. It's been 3 weeks now so I'm guessing something is amiss. What's my best approach?

Remote turn-off — Mentioned just once so far in this interesting thread.

Is anybody concerned that these meters can plunge individuals, communities or all smart users into cold darkness?

As an example, for years I’ve warned friends and colleagues of the risk that Google's Chrome auto-update system has way too much power. A standard installation has permission to change any file anywhere on my system at any time without my permission. Recently the worst happened and it is only good fortune that it only effected some Mac users. See Chrome Update Impacts Some macOS Systems - Google Chrome Help.

Smart meters seem to expose people, who chose to install this tech, to a similar risk. This could happen either through some accidental finger trouble, or some malicious actor getting all hacky with our grid in an attempt to make us vote Trump... ;)

Hi Marc,
I enjoyed your Fanboy jibe... 😉 Google probably has the same absolute power over Windoze folk too.

I understand the infrastructure is a separate network from the general internet which should afford some protection. Shoulds are a great starting point and ought to make it harder for some malicious actors to get access — it doesn’t mean they can’t hack onto that network from some other interconnect point, or indeed social engineer (phish) some valid credentials from an unsuspecting overworked operator (such as PP).

Which leads us onto the other aspect, finger trouble. Nobody’s perfect and mistakes happen, what about access to that big remote on/off switch inside these meters? How hard is it for PP folk to get to that option? Even if it’s hard, your systems might erroneously allow access or go fizz/pop/become-skynet-sentient and issue the turn off command to all your customers... ​The system overall is only as secure as it’s weakest link; PP might be perfect, but what of your competitors?

Melodramatic perhaps, but a risk certainly. I’ll be staying dumb, the benefits don’t win for me.

Interesting points @25 quid
I heard about that Chrome bug. A lot of Apple users (fanboys?!) were v unhappy. Though I suppose most of them use Safari anyway...

Back to smart meters. I'm not a smart meters expert, but I know that the infrastructure has been tested by GCHQ. Does that reassure you?
will our british gas smart meter work on pure planet
This thread is for any 'technical' questions about Smart Meters.

'Technical' in a broad sense, nothing is off limits, from installs, reading the screens, details about the In-Home-Display, communications...anything goes (..well almost anything...).

The idea is that anyone can contribute a reply, you don't have to be an expert, although expertise is always welcome. Hopefully over time a repository of information will build up to help all.

I know Leyton did a Q&A HERE but that's a closed thread now, so if anyone has any techy questions ask here and hopefully someone will know the answer, or maybe where to find it.

I'll start the ball rolling..
Has anyone who has had a SM fitted by PP and who is on Economy 7 noticed any change in the timings when it switches to night rate from what they were previously, and does the In-Home-Display tell you when it switches?
Hi my IHD is still not working, i know there was due to be a firmware upgrade in September, its almost October. Can you please give an update as I cant find any info, is there something that i need to do?


How ugly are the new generation of smart gas meters? My existing gas meter dominates the living room wall and I’m concerned that the new one will be even worse. My daughter’s first generation smart gas meter looks like one of the old meters with a couple of extra lumps bolted on.
My smart meter was installed early this month and only the gas data was received on the Geo display. It has never picked up any electricity readings.

No the gas has stopped working. This display only allows me to see status !!


- - - Updated - - -

...No the gas... should read the gas...
Do the technical not have an answer yet?
My IHD has never worked for electric. Gas is fine but for electric it just says it is connected to the meter network but not receiving all electricity meter data. It has said this now for several weeks and I have tried switching it off and then back on. Any help???
WE had our smart meters installed on Monday and the fitter left with the IHD reading "Not commissioned". He said it would connect soon. Two days later and there is no change. What information do you need to fix this?
our smart meter was installed yesterday and every since then the IHD has just said connecting to smart meter and not commissioned. The engineer said it could take up to 24 hours to come on but that hasn't been the case.
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I got my smart meter installed today! I have a couple of questions though, do I have to send readings from now on? I can see the numbers have been reset to 0 somehow - see picture.

Also, the IHD isn't working. Apparently the signal in the meeting room isn't great and there's too much distance in between the meter and the IHD. Kind of disappointed about that but according to the technician these IHDs are a gimmick and barely work!
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hi Gab, hows the little one doing?
IHD issues are known about by PP and are work in progress, leave it a few days then try siting it as near meter as possible and switch it off/on. There's not much else you can do for the moment. (it might work)
Also all new meters start from zero, your old readings will have been noted by the installer and sent to PP to work out the billing for the old meter.
Sadly for the moment until the teething probs are sorted, (you'll know about teething!) you'll need to send in readings for the while.

The installer used the word teething as well! :D

What about the readings, do i simply forget about them?

The little is doing great, thanks. He's now with my parents in Spain while I keep things rolling here in the UK.
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hi Gab
Depends if you're in North or South if South PP may well get your readings automatically.
Presume you've seen THIS
I'd just send the readings in at the usual time, it'll take quite a while for the billing to catch up anyway. Eventually (hopefully) the comms issues will be sorted.

I'm South, home display still trying to connect, I've given up on him ;)

I'm just hoping PP is getting the reads automatically. Any way to confirm that? Should I contact the team maybe?
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Hey @Gabolino
There is an issue with gas usage not appearing. It's mostly affecting IHDs in the North, but can affect ones in the South too.
Have you tried the famous IT trick of switching it off and on again? Also, how close is the IHD to your electricity meter?

Hey Marc. I'm electricity only and I'm South, so hopefully you are receiving the information from me.

The IHD is quite fsr away, I live in a flat and the meter is at the other side of the building... I think it's too far the signal to connect
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Hi @Gabolino
Yes, that'll be the reason.
Did the engineer not explain that the IHD may not connect?

He did. He asked me to keep trying for about 48 hours though.

I guess the real deal would seeing usage on the app real time... One day 🙂
Good morning,
My smart meters were installed on August 13th. My new account statement shows that PP are estimating my consumption for electricity and for gas. Further, my IHD can't see the meter at a distance of about 6 feet.
Are you (or your contractor) struggling to get my meters working? Anything I can do to help?

I just submitted my own meter readings. The gas reading was 8 m^3 and the electricity 246 kWh. The system didn't like those numbers, at all! :-D

Hi Woz, here's the link

I thought I had ssomething to do with the 'usage level' in the advanced menu, but there us no usage level button showing on my IHD

Hi @Angelabikerbabe
Niall from our Member services team is checking this out for you.
He's emailed you asking for a bit of info 🆙
Some pics of what the IHD is showing will be really useful.
Hi @Angelabikerbabe @woz
​Did you press the button?

Is Pureplanet providing the Treo II Touch as standard?
I presume we can assume the Treo II Touch is SMETS2 compatible?
Does the model provided by Pureplanet include the WiFi module?
What sample rate does the Treo II Touch use? That is how frequently does it update the figures, the more frequent the more accurate the information you could see but equally it would cause more work by the Treo and drain its batteries faster - since it has the option of USB power this is not a concern to me.

Hi @jelockwood
I'm asking our Smart team for some info so we can answer your questions 🆙
Hi @jelockwood
I'm asking our Smart team for some info so we can answer your questions 🆙

Hey @jelockwood
Here you go 🆙

Is Pure Planet providing the Treo II Touch as standard? I presume we can assume the Treo II Touch is SMETS2 compatible?

No, we don't provide the 'touch' version. Ours has buttons.

Does the model provided by Pure Planet include the WiFi module?

The model we have is WiFi compatible, but needs an additional component added to a slot at the back of the device. This can be retrofitted for Members who want it. But this isn't something we'll be looking into until we're well into smart meters business-as-usual and they're in the hands of several thousand PP Members.

What sample rate does the Treo II Touch use to update figures?

For electricity, every 10 seconds.
For gas, every 30 minutes.

Hope that's been helpful!