Referring friends to Pure Planet

  • 30 June 2020
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You can introduce as many friends as you like to Pure Planet (please do!) - and when a friend switches their energy to Pure Planet, you’ll both earn a reward.

To refer a friend to Pure Planet, tap on 'Refer friends' in your account.

This will open your rewards and allow you to send your share code to friends and family. You can send it by email, SMS (text message), Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

​If they switch, we’ll know it’s you who introduced them. And we’ll give you both a £25 reward.

To keep track of which friends you've referred you can view your 'score card' which has three sections:
- Referred - they've tapped your link and have a quote

- Pending - they've started their switch to Pure Planet!

- Switched - their switch is complete. Once there's a little green tick on the right, they've made their first payment and you've been emailed to collect your reward

Refer a friend score card

When do I get my reward?

Once the new member has finished their switch and we’ve collected the first payment, you'll both receive an email with the option to "get my reward". Just tap that, and you'll be taken to a page that asks what reward you'd like, and where you want it to be sent. You can then enter the email address or mobile number you'd like the voucher to be sent to.

Choose where you’d like to use your reward

There are some rules - the most important being to only introduce people you know. Please don’t share your code in a way that others might see as ‘spam’ or ‘junk mail’.

That’s it!

So go on and introduce your friends to great value, clean energy and enjoy extra rewards all round. More for you. More for them. Better for the planet. 

If you're expecting a reward from either referring a friend or being referred, remember that you'll be emailed to get your rewards two days after the switch date - that’s two days after the day you or your friend came on supply with Pure Planet.

If you don’t receive the email, open WattBot in your account, and type 'Where is my reward'. Watt will take some info from you - your friend's name and address, and the unique referral code. This info will then be handed to our team to check out.

What happens with my data when I refer a friend?

We work with Giftcloud for our referral rewards.

Your data is provided to them for the sole purpose of the reward redemption process.
Giftcloud won't and don't use this data for any other purposes, including business development save for financial reconciliation, customer service, analysis and fraud detection/analysis.
Giftcloud don’t and won’t sell Pure Planet data on to any third parties.

You can also read more by tapping 'terms and conditions', found just above your score card.

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