We're looking into different ways to log in to Pure Planet, and we're looking for Members to help us

  • 24 August 2021
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We're looking into different ways to log in to Pure Planet, and we're looking for Members to help us

Hi everyone, 

Pure Futures is looking for some Community members to discuss new ideas and thoughts around different ways to log in to your Pure Planet app and web account. I’m sure this’ll be a popular one and, judging from past Community discussion, that you have quite a few ideas and suggestions for this one already! 

We’re looking for five to eight Members to spend around 30-45 minutes each with our Design team, to chat about different options. You’ll be answering a few questions, such as if there’s any data in the app you feel needs more security, and if you try to log in to the app on multiple devices. Don’t worry - there are no wrong answers! And, if you’re on a video call, you’ll be able to check out some first design concepts, too. (But we’d like to include as many people as possible, so if you prefer, we can also do it over the phone.) 

You don’t need to have technological knowledge about how logging in works. We just want to hear about your genuine experiences when logging in to Pure Planet. Plus, if you’ve had any particularly positive, or negative, experiences with other companies in the past - we’d love to hear about it. We’ll share some ideas with you, too, and would love to hear your feedback about them. 

This is being carried out on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 September. If you're interested in getting involved, please fill out this form

We’d really like a range of Members to take part, and since it’s discussion-focused rather than design testing, you can take part on desktop, tablet, or by phone. Just let us know which you’d prefer when filling in the form. You won’t need to switch on your video camera, all you’ll need is a microphone so you can chat with our lovely Design team! 

If you’re chosen to take part, you’ll hear back by 9 September. They’ll let you know the time slots available and give you instructions on how to get started. And, as a thank you for your time, you’ll receive a £25 gift voucher, too. 

Any questions? Let’s talk about them in the replies below. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this one! 

Here’s another link to the form in case you missed it.

1 reply

Thanks to everyone who’s signed up! :grinning:

I’ve closed the form now as we have enough volunteers - Emily from the team will be in touch this week to confirm a date/time with you individually. 

Looking forward to hearing about the outcome of these chats. :raised_hands: