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Pure Planet Futures - a community section for trying new services, products and ideas

  • 22 September 2020
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Hi everyone

We’ve opened up a new section in the Pure Planet Community as a testing ground for new products and services.

Pure Planet Futures is where we’ll run pilots and beta programmes which are not yet ready for all Members.

The reason is so that it’s clearer what’s being offered now and what’s being worked on.

Pure Futures is, of course, open to all Members to find out more about what’s coming soon. And if you’re especially interested in being part of our testing and building, that’s fantastic - just let us know, as we need your collaboration to help us make it work.

What sort of things do we look at in Pure Planet Futures?

It’s mostly about smart home devices and services which encourage energy saving, CO2 emissions reductions, as well as being interesting and fun!

It could be a smart thermostat, it could be half hourly readings, and EV-to-grid buying and selling.

We ask for genuine feedback on products and services we’re developing before we bring them to market.

Pure Planet Futures will be quite low-key to start with, with much more exciting stuff planned for 2021. :slight_smile:

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