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Pure Futures - testing app pages about your impact, car, and sustainability

  • 15 September 2021
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Pure Futures - testing app pages about your impact, car, and sustainability

Hi everyone, 

Pure Futures is looking for some Community members to provide feedback on how they currently use the Pure Planet app, and the new car section of the app. 

We're looking for around six - eight members to spend 45-60 minutes with our designers to look at different options and provide feedback. 

This latest round of testing is to look at the most frequently used sections of the app, and how members are utilising features all about your own impact. This includes the car section of the app - so ideally we’d like a mix of ICE, EV and Hybrid car drivers.

If you're interested in helping out, please fill out this form. You'll see that it has a few questions about where you live and what type of vehicle you own. This is because we’re keen to get a mix of Members.

The testing is being run by a third party contractor, so we’ll need your permission to share your name and email address with them. You’ll also receive a £25 voucher for helping us out and giving up an hour of your time!

To take part you'll need a desktop computer or laptop, in order to successfully screenshare, but you won't need to switch on your video camera, just a microphone is fine. 

If you’re chosen to take part, you’ll hear back from the team next week (w/c 20 September), who will give you instructions on how to get started. Because we're looking for a mix of testers, it's possible that not everyone who offers to help will get an invite. It’s not personal! 

We’ve got more testing over the next few months, too, and we’ll be looking to ask for Community feedback as we go along.


Any questions? Let’s talk about them in the replies below.

Here’s another link to the form in case you missed it.


Update 1 October - this form is now closed to new applications. Thank you! 

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Hey everyone, 

Just to say we’d love for a few more Members to sign up to this testing, so we’ve extended it into next week (the week starting Monday 27 Sept), too - just fill out your details in the form and we’ll be in touch. 

Thanks! :slight_smile: