Hive View: The Hive Smart Indoor Camera - A Review. (Part 1)

  • 27 January 2021
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Those very nice people at Pure Planet gave me a Hive Indoor Camera to try out and test so here we go…A big thank you to PP for this!

Disclaimer, although I didn’t pay for it I have tried to be as objective as possible.

This is the first part of the review, unboxing and setting up. (Read the second part here)

What arrived and unboxing

This arrived (it was in a plain cardboard box, now recycled)

The box!  (the serial number of the camera is on the back)

This is what’s inside the box.

The Camera, Stand, Cable Power  and mini instruction booklet.

There isn’t much assembly to do, here it is going together.

Starting with the Power Supply (with adapters for Euro and USA included)

It’s a 2.5 amp USB power supply

The stand has a magnet which holds the camera in place and the stand base has a magnet which holds the stand in place. More of this later. 


me playing with magnets and screwdriver (very therapeutic)


Here’s the stand, you can attach the base to a wall or ceiling if required, and the stand will be held on to the base with the magnet.

Takin’ a stand...

Here’s  the camera detail

↑The setup button,  if all else fails a reset pinhole                                Stand connector↑


Here’s what it looks like on the stand can use the camera both with and without the stand.

Subtle cable...

I hope the cable is white with the white version. The black cable is difficult to hide but it is fairly flat. It does stand out especially against the sleek aesthetics of the camera. (A light grey might have been better). On the plus side it’s quite long but then it needs to be; you’ll need a socket nearby because it will be permanently plugged into the mains adapter. More about power consumption later.


Setting Up the Camera

Setting it up is easy peasy,  you need the app, and you need to register a Hive Account with a username (email) and password and you need to download the hive app to your smartphone or tablet

I’m Apple so this is where I found the app.

The Android version is available in the Google Play store, I didn’t try it so I have no idea if it’s the same as the Apple app.

You can’t monitor the camera  from your computer as sadly there is no web portal (more about this in part 2). Maybe Hive will add web access at a later date, I really hope so.

The little instruction book provided looked promising but there is very little in it, (lots of languages!), fortunately not much is needed to set it up.

There is some help online here

If necessary press and hold the button on the side until the blue light flashes (it will flash anyway if the camera is virgin) Log in, add camera follow instructions, you’ll be asked for your Wi-Fi password.

And that’s more or less set up.

Open the pod doors HAL
I’m sorry Dave I can’t do that…

There are 2 ways to add others so they can see the camera, they download the app  and you either add people in the main app,  presumably they won’t have the right to delete captured clips, (not tested) or just give them your Hive login credentials which gives them full control. It appears that more than one device can be logged in to the account at the same time.
Both you and they, however added, can set up 2 factor authorisation for extra security.

Hive review part 2: Using the app and camera, and my thoughts


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Very comprehensive Wos.   I'll look forward the part 2 

Here’s a link to part 2.

Nicely done @woz :thumbsup:

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👍👍👍👍👍 @woz