Pure Planet app update - download version 8.15.1 for new features

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Hi everyone, 

We’ve released a new version of your Pure Planet app and web account. 

It’s version 8.15.1 for iPhone, iPad and Android. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download the new app update! 

This release has some new features which we know Community Members have been asking for. They include:

  • Access to accounts for anyone who has left Pure Planet is now available on web as well as via the app. When logged in to your app or online account, you’ll continue to have access to monthly statements, meter reading history, contact details and your contact preferences, your account balance and transaction history, help and support
  • We redesigned the joining pages so that there’s a clearer payment summary showing our summer/winter split DDs.
Joining Pure Planet


  • Finally, we’ve made some improvements for our Members who are on the Priority Services Register and need to request a callback. 

That’s it for now. Remember that the latest version of the app may not appear for everyone straight away. It usually takes up to 24 hours for all the app stores’ servers to be updated.

Also a big thanks to all our Community Members for the amazing and thorough feedback you give us - we’re grateful for your time and for your contributions. A special mention to @woz @Gwyndy @LUCKY JO  for the feedback about the new bereavements page. :relaxed:

Good set of changes there @Marc! Just wondering what’s the 67’s and 5’s in the screenshot?

Love the username fgd, I think that’s my name on Amazon!

Good set of changes there @Marc! Just wondering what’s the 67’s and 5’s in the screenshot?

Love the username fgd, I think that’s my name on Amazon!

Those are a pretend sort code and account number @25 quid 

Hmm, wonder what fgd would stand for? :thinking: For Good Dogs? 

Haha aha! Should have guessed.

fgd is just what happens when you bash the keyboard! Frighteningly Good Deception!

Focus Group Discussion! :laughing:

Fleas Give Distemper

oh sorry wrong thread, one for pets corner...

(is there a prize for the best guess?)

My app don't show this stuff yet updates automatically.


My app showing 8.14.2 but no button to update








Yes, same for me, mine normally updates automatically too, showing version 8.14.2 on google play, and no facility to update

Good morning @Rds261189 @Scubaseahorse 

Yep, it doesn’t update on the app stores for everyone at the same time. Apparently there are different servers behind different ‘versions’ of app stores, so that updates tend to roll out gradually, which avoids lots of strain being placed on one server.

This time of year a lot of app developers are submitting updates so that they can down tools for Xmas, so it may take a little longer than usual.

Hi again @Rds261189 @Scubaseahorse 

Looks the Google app store is taking longer than it should, so we’re checking it out. We think it might be related to the big Google outage the other day. 

Google seem to be having alot of trouble at the moment.



Mine has updated. Looks no different but then I don’t think that was expected. Digging around it seems no different but then from what Marc describes the differences are with specific accesses a customer might want and I don’t, well not at present. I note the death access! Makes sense. Which reminds me. I assume everybody here has a system to enable the survivor of us to access data and accounts when the grim reaper has called. Even before he calls if we find dementia has hit. Now we all do, don’t we?! 

No button to update on the PP home page, so went to App Store to update but just kept failing. In end, after numerous attempts in vain, I fully shut down, then it worked 👍👏

Ahh yes, turning if off and on again - always works a treat :wink:

Still not been updated by Google, there must be a fault at Google's end to update the app or.add onto play store?


I'm using android, my app automatically updated two days ago. Are you sure yours hasn't done similar?

My app has updated now 🙂

My app has updated now but looks the same as before