Pure Planet app and web update - improvements to failed payments, and our blog's new home!

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Pure Planet app and web update - improvements to failed payments, and our blog's new home!

Hi everyone, 

We’ve released a new version of your Pure Planet app and web account. 

It’s version 8.17.0 for iPhone, iPad and Android. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download the new app update.

This update has improvements to what happens if your monthly Direct Debit can’t be collected for any reason. If it can’t be collected we’ll send you an email to let you know, and to confirm that we’ll retry the payment in 10 calendar days.

If the retry fails, we’ll send an email and text with information about how to make a one-off payment, and how to get in touch for extra support if needed.

This is to help give Members better control over their balance, as well as making sure Members have easy access to any support they may need when it comes to payments. 

Pure Planet app update Feb 2021

This update also sees a new home for our Pure Planet blog - it’s now accessible directly on our website

The blog is where we post regular wholesale energy market updates, as well share insights into how we work, the latest innovations in sustainability, and what we’re doing here in the Community. 

Thanks to feedback from our Members we’ve also changed the way your account menu is displayed when logged in to your account at on a desktop computer. We’ve replaced the hamburger (three horizontal lines) with the word ‘menu’ to make it easier and clearer to access your account information. 

And a few bug fixes…

  • We’ve fixed the ‘retry’ button when getting a quote. Thanks to woz for posting about this! :raised_hands:

  • We’ve also fixed a bug to make sure the ‘change tariff’ button stays on the ‘tariff and usage’ page when considering whether to change your tariff. Thanks to Elmooro for bringing that one to our attention :slight_smile:

That’s it for now!

Remember the latest version of the app may not appear for everyone straight away. It usually takes up to 24 hours for all app stores to be updated.

Updated, thanks 👍

A suggestion for next app update. The compare usage bit is a bit pointless as it only "compares" 12 months. It would be far more helpful if it compared at least 13 months so we could easily see if we're getting better or worse compared to last year. 

Be good if the update button in the app actually worked. But we’ve been here before… 😉