New Pure Planet Community - update on our migration to the new platform

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Hi everyone

Here’s an update on progress so far with our work to migrate the Pure Planet Community to a new platform.

We’re on track to move to Insided from Standing on Giants next month (June) as planned.

The date we’re working towards for go-live is Wednesday 24 June. Although as with all things tech-related, that's not 100% confirmed yet.

The new platform will bring improvements to uploading photos, better all-round mobile experience, a more intuitive text editor, upvoting in the ideas section, a community blog, improved search (with results appearing as you type), and a more flexible FAQs section. It also gives easier access to style sheets and HTML, so we can change the look and feel faster.

Thanks to those of you who’ve been helping us out with your thoughts and feedback on background image and colours, and around new badges and ranks. 🙌

Here’s a little taster of how the new platform’s looking. We can’t wait for you to see it live and get stuck in!

Over the last few weeks myself and @Nataly have been trained in how to use the new platform. So far, so good.

Just before go-live day the current community will be placed into ‘read-only mode’ while we migrate the latest posts across, make sure it all looks good, and the tech guys have done the more fiddly bits such the web address and ensuring we’ll all able to login!

But before all that, we’re hosting a ‘Zoom’ call soon so that we can take you on a live demo. Let me know if you if you’d like to take part, either in the replies or send me a message.
Just a quickie to say that the 24th June is confirmed.
I've just posted over here an outline of the timings. 👍
Will the leaderboards be staying? Love those 😂😂😂😂but no worries if not
Hey @Bev
Good question. Yes the new platform has a great leaderboard.
It shows a week view and an 'all time' view too. I think you're going to love it! 😁
#excited already 😂👍👏