Introducing improvements to the Community's menu navigation, Ideas Board, and a new section!

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Hi everyone, 

We’ve been working on some exciting changes and new features for the Community, which we wanted to share with you all. 

We were also lucky enough to be able to share a preview of the new features with Community Members in our virtual meet-up last week - thank you all for coming along! 

Improved menu navigation

We want to make it easier for you to find the Community info you’re interested in. 

To do that, we’re splitting Community sections and FAQs into separate menu dropdowns. 

Selecting ‘Community’ shows a dropdown of all Community sections, selecting ‘FAQs’ shows a dropdown of all FAQs. That helps make it clearer what you’re viewing when, and highlights all the useful content available, too. 

Here’s a preview of how the new menu looks on desktop: 

new menu on desktop

It also really improves the mobile navigation experience - here’s a preview: 

new menu on mobile

The eagle-eyed among you will also have spotted three other sections: Ideas, Product Updates and Smart meters. 

We can customise the new navigation as needed, to highlight important info - right now, smart meters are a hot topic. So, adding a top-level navigation link to all the smart meter help we already have here on the Community felt like the right choice (also helping to address this feedback, hopefully)! As other topics become more popular in future, we can change the navigation to reflect this.

Revamped Ideas Board

We love hearing your ideas, and implementing as many of them as possible. 

Would you believe we’ve now had over 220 ideas suggested by Members so far, and counting. With so many ideas, being able to easily filter by idea status would be really helpful. 

Want to view all the amazing ideas that have already been implemented? No problem! 

example of new section for ideas - filters on the right

This also introduces a new feature - ‘product areas’. For each idea you submit, you can select the product area it relates to.

For example, you share an idea about a new app feature that you’d like to see. You can select ‘Pure Planet app & website’. 

Highlighted ‘product area’ on an idea

Why choose a product area? 

Not only can you then filter by idea status, but also by product - making it easier to check on your past ideas, and whether similar ideas have already been submitted by other Members. 

New Product Updates section

This also ties in nicely with the brand new Product Updates section we’re adding to the Community.

This’ll allow us to keep you up to date with the latest developments in Pure Planet products more easily - for example, app and web updates, or even posts like this one! :smile:  We’re also doing this to help declutter our Latest News section, which is getting busier and busier as Pure Planet continues to grow. 

Plus, you can ‘subscribe’ to receive new product update posts by email, so you never miss a thing. :white_check_mark: 

example of product updates section

When will this go live?

To make sure we can transfer all our existing content, and your existing ideas, across smoothly, these changes will probably go live in about 6 weeks from now. We’ll keep you updated on that here, of course! 


We’re really excited to introduce these new features, to help you find everything you’re interested in as quickly and easily as possible, and to highlight our Community’s excellent ideas section. :heart_eyes:

Let us know your thoughts in the replies below. :thumbsup: