Pure Planet app and web update - download version 8.2.25

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Hi everyone,

We’ve released a new version of your Pure Planet app and web account.

It’s version 8.2.25 for iPhone, iPad and Android. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download the new update!

Following last month’s exciting update allowing you to track, accept and query your bi-annual account review, you’re now also able to request one whenever you want.

We review your account every six months, but we understand you may want a review before then, for example if your usage has recently changed.

If your last review was over one month ago and you’re on supply with Pure Planet you’ll see the option to ‘review my account now’ appear in ‘Balance & Payments’.

If you click or tap on ‘review my account’, WattBot will then collect some info from you and pass this on to the team to look into. Don’t worry - they won’t make any changes without your agreement!


You may also notice we’ve moved your tariff information from ‘Balance & Payments’ to the ‘Usage’ section of your account.

That’s it for now! Remember it can take a few hours for the latest version of the app to appear in the App Store or Google Play for everyone. 👍
dunno what I'm doing wrong but there doesn't seem to be an update on play store for android.
just asks to uninstall and re-install.
​​​​​​​so I did that....And it's still on version 8.2?
Hey @Angelabikerbabe

Not to worry, it can take a while for the update to reach all versions of the Play Store (and App Store, too!). 🙂
Thanks Nataly
Thanks Nataly

​​​​​​​yeah....mines been updated now. 👍👍👍