Pure Planet app and web update - download version 8.12.1

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Hi everyone, 

We’ve released a new version of your Pure Planet app and web account. 

It’s version 8.12.1 for iPhone, iPad and Android. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download the new app update! 

A few improvements…

If we need a photo of your meter, we’ll make this clearer, sooner, when you’re entering your readings. 

‘Next - meter photo’

This is thanks to feedback from Members who let us know they’d take their readings, enter them in their account, then need to go back to their meters to take photos. We wouldn’t want you to have to disturb the spiders too many times! :spider_web:

We’ve also improved your ‘next payment’ info in the ‘Payments and billing’ section of your account, to make it clearer what your next Direct Debit amount will be in the case of having a temporary additional repayment plan in place.

Your total next payment

And a couple of bug fixes…

  • We’ve fixed an issue that was causing Members to see a blank screen when viewing their 6-monthly account review. Shoutout to @Steventiger for flagging this in the Community! 
  • We’ve fixed issues when you’re letting us know you’ve moved into a Pure Planet home, specifically the ‘go to summary’ link, and the ‘next’ button when selecting your move in date.

We’re also really excited to introduce our new EV web pages and partnership with EO charging - check out this post to read all about it!

That’s all for this update. Remember that it can take a few hours for the latest version of the app to appear in the App Store or Google Play store for everyone.:thumbsup:

hi @Nataly 

I see the illustration shows a 6 digit reading, will it still show a 6 digit number for those who only have a 5 digit meter?


Hey @woz 

It’ll reflect the previous readings for the account, so if it’s a 5 digit reading that’s what’ll be shown :thumbsup:

Thanks:head_bandage: that makes the spreadsheet more interesting...