Pure Planet app and web update - account access after leaving Pure Planet

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Hi everyone, 

We’ve released a new version of your Pure Planet app and web account. 

It’s version 8.14.2 for iPhone, iPad and Android. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download the new app update! 

We’re really excited to announce that this app and web release includes retaining limited account access if you leave Pure Planet (for example if you change supplier or move house). 

When logged in to your Pure Planet app, you’ll continue to have access to the following account sections:

  • Monthly statements 
  • Meter reading history
  • Contact details and your contact preferences
  • Your account balance and transaction history 
  • Help and support

You wouldn’t have access to emergencies (they’d be the responsibility of your new supplier), sending meter readings, tariff and usage, referring friends or the Priority Services Register.

For now, this feature isn’t available when logged in online at purepla.net. 

If you start a new switch or get a new quote you’ll lose access to that account info - but we’ll be sure to warn you beforehand! 

Losing account access if you start a new switch

Big shout out to @woz @Strutt G @Bev @Gwyndy @25 quid for their help and feedback on this idea, and thanks for your patience while we worked behind the scenes to bring it to life!

We’ve also made improvements to getting a quote for Pure Planet if you have a dual rate meter, so you can now enter your day and night kWh annual usage separately.

dual rate electricity when getting a quote

Following this month’s app and web release, we’ve also introduced timestamps into WattBot, to help you keep track of when your messages have been sent. 
We also want to reassure you that behind the tech there are real humans, so we’ve added the first name of whoever at the PP team is writing to you :sunglasses:

example of timestamps and names on WattBot

We know a couple of these improvements were ideas suggested by Members in our Ideas Board, so we’re really happy to be able to introduce them! 

Have an idea for Pure Planet? Let us know in our Ideas Board :bulb:  

That’s it for this app and web update! Remember it can take a few hours for the latest version of the app to appear in the App Store or Google Play store for everyone. 

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