Members' rates and Membership fee - what are they?

  • 30 June 2020
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Choose the tariff that suits you — peace of mind with a fixed tariff, flexibility with a variable tariff. All our tariffs are made up of a monthly Membership fee (standing charge) and a Members’ rate for gas and electricity.

Our Members’ rate is the per kilowatt (kWh) rate. We don’t make profit on the energy you use - there’s zero markup.

Our Membership fee is the standing charge. It's the daily rate, calculated and collected in 12 monthly payments.

You can view your tariff information in your Pure Planet account; tap ‘My account’ > ‘Tariff and Usage’.

How much is the Membership Fee?

You can check how much your Membership Fee will be when you get a quote by selecting ‘See unit rates and fares’. The Membership Fee is included in your monthly Direct Debit payments.

If you’re on supply with Pure Planet you can check your Membership Fee by selecting ‘My account’ > ‘Tariff and usage’ when logged in to your Pure Planet app or web account. 

It covers:

  • Your meter maintenance
  • Our people costs
  • Our operating and systems costs
  • Our low profit margin (there’s no mark up on your energy use)
  • VAT.

We also give a discount of £30 per year on the Membership fee for dual fuel users.

What are the current Members’ rates?

If you’re already on supply with Pure Planet you can check your tariff information and Members’ rates in your account under ‘My account’ > ‘Tariff and usage’.

You can also view our current available fixed and variable tariffs on our website at purepla.net/tariff.

These are the current Members’ rates for our 100% Green Variable tariff: 

100% Green Variable rates as of 21 Jan 2021

These are the latest Members’ rates for our 100% Green Fixed tariff:

100% Green Fixed rates as of 5 Jan 2021

The difference in cost across each geographical region is down to the cost of transporting gas and electricity to your home.

The costs are determined and applied by your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and we pass these on at cost.

We don’t make money on the transport costs of getting energy to your home.

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