Are there different tariffs?

  • 30 June 2020
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Straightforward, transparent pricing - we don’t make profit on the energy you use.

Choose the tariff that suits you — peace of mind with a fixed tariff, flexibility with a variable tariff.


On our 100% Green Variable tariff, your unit rates track wholesale prices - they can go up or down.
We understand it’s frustrating if prices go up just after you’ve switched, so we protect your rates for your first two months.


On our 100% Green Fixed tariff, your unit rates are protected for the whole of your contract. No price rises, no surprises.

All our tariffs are made up of monthly Membership fee (standing charge) and a Members’ rate (kWh unit rate) for gas and electricity.

Economy 7

We can supply electricity to Economy 7 meters, but we don't offer a specific Economy 7 tariff. Whether you choose our 100% Green Fixed tariff, or 100% Green Variable tariff, you’ll pay a single rate at all times of day for your Economy 7 meter.

Electric Vehicles

Currently we don’t offer an EV tariff - we’re running a pilot with our Members to help us build amazing new products for EV drivers. You can follow the pilot’s progress and get involved with the conversation in the Electric Vehicles section of the Community.


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