Two payments in one month

  • 13 January 2022
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Hello there. Having recently switched to Shell Energy I have noticed that two payments have been made from my bank account. One to yourselves on the 4th Jan and another to Shell on the 12th, both for the total of £106.43. I have read the FAQ’s and realise that it could be 6 weeks or so for any refund (I am in credit), so my query today is for peace of mind. Thank you.

3 replies

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That shouldn’t have happened.

Did Shell inform you it would be taken? If not recall Shell payment from your bank, if yes contact Shell to discuss as they will also receive the PP payment, they should refund you.

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Handy to know, as it made me instantly check my online banking to make sure. Nothing set up for Shell yet, so reassured. Hopefully be sorted Swift, Mark. 

Hello @geordiemark74 

Thanks for posting! Great advice from @Bev and @woz - this may be a useful read:

From now on, your Direct Debits will be taken by Shell Energy. We’ve safely transferred across everyone’s payment details so there’s nothing you need to do — payment will be taken automatically. Shell Energy has advised us that they will try to keep your payment date the same, or as close to the previous date as possible. 

They’ll be in touch to confirm your payment date ahead of your first payment to them.


They should’ve confirmed your payment date ahead of taking your first DD - so it may be worth contacting them about this. I hope this helps!