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  • 16 April 2019
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I'd like to know what I'm paying through this account

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I would like to know what I pay by my account to you
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Hi, not sure what you're asking here.

But if you're asking about your monthly DDs, you should've been told them when you asked for a quote, and confirmed in an email once you started with PP.
Hi @Vasilu
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Thanks for posting. 🆙
(FYI I've merged your two posts into one place. This is just to avoid having dupliate replies and conversations in different places, as this can be confusing for other members.)
Are you asking about how to check your Direct Debit payments?
In your Pure Planet app, go to Menu > Balance & payments.

Hope this helps!
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hi Vasilu
​have you moved into a property which is supplied by PP, has someone joined for you, or did you join PP yourself?
The rates are HERE, rates depend on the area you live in.
​Monthly membership has been reduced to £8.00 not £8.50 as stated on that chart
I would like to know what I pay by my account to you