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  • 10 September 2020
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Got an email saying PP recommend a temporary payment plan. 
they state that my payments are on track but want me to pay additional over 6 months to make up a debt of £250+

how can I be in debt and be due £250+?

I shouldn’t be surprised from the month after the switch to PP the actual cost versus the predicted cost has been well over - rip off from the comparison site most likely. 

any advice would be appreciated 

1 reply

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hi @Spewy 

I can’t quite make sense of this, but there is no rip off on the comparison site or with PP. You’ll only pay for the energy you use. it’s the “payments are on track” which makes no sense. If you owe them lots then the payments are not on track.

When you entered your expected annual consumption were the figures reasonable and expected or did you guess? 

If your balance is in debit by too much, (it should hover around +1 average months payment) then PP are trying to set up a plan for you to clear it.

What’s your balance at the moment and how much are your summer/winter payments?

How long have you been with PP?

Did you delay setting up the account or did you start paying as soon as you switched?

You’ll need to discuss this with PP, go to help and support, in app or online>ask a question (wattbot) , type message the team and ask them what’s going on. Replies not instant, a working day or 2