temp plan of 44Pounds

  • 18 November 2021
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Can you let me know why temp plan of 44 pounds is charged to us. Even I have observed that the payments have been changed 3-4 times in 2 years.. It has gone up more then 100%.

I have observed that in warmer months you have doubled my payments from 70pounds to 145pounds. Can I have the explanation on this. 


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4 replies

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The community can only speculate as we are fellow customers and do not have access to your account. Best advice is to contact the team by pressing help in the app or website and message the team. They will be able to exactly what your payments are and why. 

howver it could just be your winter payments which you would have been given when you agreed the tariff you are on. 

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@Lal Chotwani 

Temporary payments plans are usually used, if you have an account review and you are in debt, and are designed to bring you account back into credit.

The fact you state your payments have increased, sort of bears this out, but as stated above, we don't have any access to account information, so you will need to use Wattbot in the help section to ask for an explanation



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@Lal Chotwani 

even if you set up a repayment plan it was still subject to the warmer months/colder months split, so whatever you were paying in September would increase by 1.5 times the Sept. payment in October (for 6 months), and then back to the lower payment in April.


Hello @Lal Chotwani 

Thanks for posting! Some really fantastic advice from @woz, @Duppy and @Lapa here - if you want to check on it with the team head to ‘help’ then ‘ask a question’ in the app or web. Type ‘message the team’ along with a description of your issue, they should reply within 1 working day. 

I hope this helps!