• 7 April 2021
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Please contact me in regard to the deficit on my account./

3 replies

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You're talking to fellow PP customers on this forum, and as such we don't have access to customers accounts. But we will help if we can.

Here's a faq for you to have a look at:



You can also ask for a review of your account via the app, 3 lines at the top>balance and payments >request an account review 

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hi @bazzerfewi 

this isn’t customer services, the preferred method of CS contact is help&support>ask a Q. (wattbot) when logged in or in app. Human replies are not instant, 2-3 working days, persist through the bot until it says your message is passed to the team.

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Please contact me in regard to the deficit on my account./

Hi @bazzerfewi 

Welcome to the Pure Planet community! I'm only chipping in to say it's not unusual to have a debit balance at this time of year. If it's larger than your next direct debit payment then there might be a reason for concern. Bear in mind that Pure Planet also check your account every six months to make sure your payments on track. Of course you may still need to contact Pure Planet... but you may not!