• 8 October 2021
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I am waiting for a refund following the closure of my account and move to cheaper supplier. I have attempted to contact PP through email and WhatBot but am receiving no replies. Any advice?? 


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A switch normally takes up to 6 weeks to complete, as all the details have to go through a 3rd party verifier. 

Once the closure if the account/switch has completed, they will issue your final bill, and if you are in credit with PP, , they will refund you. (Or if you owe them, they'll take a final payment)

Don't cancel your DD, because they won't be able to refund you then.


Sadly I am on exactly the same position waiting for a refund of over £270. Customer service/ access to information is virtually non existent. 

Hi @Analisa and welcome to the Community! 

Just to let you know, I’ve merged your posts together into one place. Having duplicate posts across the Community can get confusing - and keeping them together helps keep track of any advice you receive. :slight_smile:

@Angelabikerbabe has already replied with some spot on info here that I think may explain what’s happened? It takes up to 6 weeks, from when your supplies have switched, to receive your final bill. Any refund of excess credit will be sent to you once your final bill has been generated. These refunds generally take around 5 working days. 

I hope that helps to explain! 

There’s more info on what happens when you switch suppliers in our FAQs, too. 


Check your new supplier account.

I'd been waiting for a refund for ages and then checked today and it looks like the amount I was in credit with Pure Planet when I switched away (£100+)  was credited directly to my new supplier instead of coming back to my bank account 🤷‍♀️ 

Thanks for that update Sarah. I’ve read about that on another post on the forum. Will obviously be grateful to have the monies credited but would have preferred it being returned to my own bank account. Glad you got your refund though!! 

Hello @Analisa 

This should be helpful:

Hello @SarahFlower 

This isn’t something that really happens, it may be that your new supplier have credited you for something related to them, but your credit from your account with PP will be refunded to your bank account, there’s more details on that in the above FAQ. I hope this helps!

I got a refund following the build up of a credit balance, it came into my account only yesterday, so something must be working.

I wasn't worried about it though as I believe I would have got it in the end, though it's nice to have the cash sooner rather than later.

please can i have my over payments back 

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What do you mean by overpayments, do you mean the balance in your account?
Any credit will transfer to the supplier of last resort, Shell.

The community isn’t customer services, but there are lots of faq’s about this, is your situation unusual in any way?

Hello @t.kent 

Thanks for posting! Some great advice from @woz here - if you’re referring to your account credit as a result of direct debit payments, I think reading these will help:

What happens to my Direct Debit when my account is transferred to Shell Energy?

Your Direct Debit will be transferred to Shell Energy, who will start taking payments from you when your new account is set up in January.


I’m in credit. Will I get my money back?

Yes. Your balance will be carried over to Shell Energy. They will be in contact with you soon and will let you know how to manage your balance.


Why can’t I get a refund?

Any credit you have with Pure Planet is protected and will be transferred across to Shell Energy. Once your new account is set up with Shell Energy, you’ll be able to request a refund from them.


I hope this helps!

My switch away from PP happened on the 21st of August, and I'm still yet to receive a refund for the balamce credit. Over 3 months now.


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This has been mentioned in the faqs. Refunds are on hold as they will be actioned by shell as part of the SOLR process. Accounts are not expected to be rolled over to Shell until January due to the volume of accounts. Once your account is rolled over they will contact you regarding your refund.