Reducing DD amount

  • 16 January 2019
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Hello just joined Pure Planet & currently paying £129.50 per month. Submitted reading today and notification advised reading under average (we are careful energy users). How do I reduce DD amount if we are overpaying or does it do automatic? Thanks

1 reply

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hi Lisa
Your payments have been decided based on what you use over a year.
Did you enter your use figures when you got your quote or did you accept PP's figures?
The first payment is paid when you switch so it's a month in advance. This will make it seem as though your credit is high.
Your payments will be reviewed, but as you've just joined it won't happen for a while on your account. PP can't get an overview until many months have passed.
If from the start you think your annual estimated use is wrong or after 5 or 6 months you think that your credit is excessive or you can request a review and someone will check it out, you'll need to go to help in the app, ask wattbot, type "message the team" and ask.
Don't forget your payment should change in April to about £86.
Also make sure, if you are in credit with your previous supplier that you ask them to suspend or reduce the DD, or you'll be paying 2 dd's until you get your final bill from them (not PP's fault that's just what happens)