received final bill when do i get my credit balance back?

  • 14 October 2021
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I have recently switched supplier and received my final bill and im in credit but how do i get my money back now pure planet has ceased trading


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This FAQ posted by the team will answer your question :)

the new supplier will sort it 

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If it hasn’t been sent to your bank  (you’ll know if it has because  it will appear in your account) then it it will be processed by the appointed supplier. You won’t lose it. (but I might...)


This was the email i got from pure planet

Your switch away is now complete for your electricity supply

Please don't cancel your Direct Debit with us. We'll use this to either refund any credit balance on your account or collect anything outstanding.

Thanks for being part of Pure Planet. We'd love to welcome you back in the future. Until then, we hope you'll continue to choose renewables to power your home.

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The new supplier will deal with your refund. It will prob take them a bit to get everything in order following the take over but they will deal with it :) 

Thanks for all your replies guys

My problem is that i switched suppliers before the crash so i chose to switch as my deal was coming to an end. 


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Sorry I linked you to the wrong FAQ 


Closed account credit


theres so many posts and linking people to faqs I messed up. Apologies 

Hi  Lapa thanks for that i was worried that because pure planet has ceased trading they wouldnt have the money to refund there customers who had switched before the crash happened?

Do you no how long it roughly takes for the money to go into my account please?

I have been with my new supplier for over a month now.

Thanks in advance

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I have no idea sorry. The new supplier hasn’t been announced yet so I’m guessing a couple of weeks. Once they’ve been named if you contact them they may be able to give you a rough timeline. 

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Once you’ve received the final bill it usually takes up to 10 days to 2 weeks for the credit to reach your bank, but if  it hasn’t been actioned then it  could easily be a couple of months realistically  to get it from the new supplier.

okay woz i guess ill just wait another month and keep an eye on my bank account for the refunded credit (fingers crossed)

Hello @brucie75 

Thanks for posting! Some fab advice here from @Lapa and @woz - these may be worth a read for you too:


I moved supplier but in credit how do I get it back 

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The community don’t have access to your account and unfortunately your post is very lacking in detail, such as; when did you move and what were the circumstances?

Have you  read any of the faq’s or relevant posts of which there are hundreds, and most of which have the same answer? Unless your circumstances are very different from the majority  of similar cases?

The usual answer is that PP’s business has moved to Shell and they will process any outstanding refund, but that’s an intuitive guess based on no real information.

post back?

I’m not now with shell I’m with Scottish power I switched as soon as I got the email..! I’m pretty sure they won’t be giving me my credit back 

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You will get your credit back but don’t expect it until the new year. They are saying  payments won’t be rolled over to Shell until January. 

Hello @Jp13 

Thanks for posting! Some great advice from @woz and @Lapa here - your credit is protected and will be refunded, it’ll just take longer than usual due to the current circumstances. 

This may be useful too:

I hope this helps!

Good Afternoon,

I received my final bill a month ago, and I’m still due the credit. The email mentions moving to Shell Power, but just before you went bust I actually moved to Scottish Power. I’ve had 2 bills from Scottish Power and no mention of any credit.

Will they be updated with this credit or do I need to contact somebody?



Shell Energy will refund you as and when your details are transferred over from Pure Planet to Shell Energy.

Your credit with Pure Planet is the responsibility of Pure Planet and the appointed Supplier of Last Resort (in this case Shell Energy), any supplier you move to outside of the Supplier of Last Resort process has no access to your Pure Planet account information, or balance.


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@Rosskent103637292 and @Jp13 

Curious to know why either (or both) of you switched to Sottish Power?

Because the renewal rates offered were not as good as switching. My final bill should have been sent to Scottish Power but because of Pure Planet going bust and them transferring to Shell, it seems to have confused things. I guess I’ll contact Shell. Thanks @gwndy

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Thank you for replying.

did you switch to a fix or a variable with SP?

My point being that all of the fixes when the crisis started, were punitive, and you may not have realised that switching to the variable (which was the default if you did nothing) was the best option, even if it was with PP) because that was capped (until April)

The fixed price I was offered from Scottish power was so much better than anything offered in the market place, hence the quick switch before they stopped the offer.