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  • 19 September 2021
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This page describes Two rate meter, single display which I have. It does not say which is day and which is night. Which is which?


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Hi @Taroquud 


If you are talking about this:

Two rate meter, single display

Your two rate meter might show two readings on one screen, like the example below. It may cycle through both readings automatically, or you might need to press the button to switch between the two readings. You'll need both readings. In this example, the rate 1 reading is 5742, and the rate 2 reading is 4532. If you see a reading labelled ‘T’, you can ignore it. It’s the total of both your readings.

It depends on your meter, at least in theory:

On SMETS 1 meters:
R01 - Night Rate.
R02 - Day Rate.

On SMETS2 meters:
TOU Rate 1 - Day Rate.
TOU Rate 2 - Night Rate.

You may need to check with the meter manufacturers website for a handbook.