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  • 7 December 2021
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How do I pay my final bill with you 


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In most cases:-
You need do nothing and any credit or debit will move to Shell who will take over your account.


That assumes you were with PP when they folded ad you haven’t cancelled the DD. We don’t have access to your account so if there are more relevant facts that you haven’t told us, for example you moved away from PP or cancelled the dd, tell us and more advice will be forthcoming.



I just wot to pay my bill I don’t wot to set a Direct Debit up I just want a simple way to pay my bill and that’s it really . I left your planet before you went into administration I was just going through the final bits and then you went bust . I just need to pay the final amount owing and that’s it. 

I didn’t transfer over to shell due to the fact I was already with another Energy company 

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You need to contact customers services via wattbot or the website. The community can’t action anything financial as we are customers just like you. 


If you had left your original DD in place (the one you originally set up to pay Pure Planet every month) then it should have been used automatically to settle any final bill.

You should be able to make a one off payment in the app, assuming that option is still available.

Otherwise  ask via Wattbot if there is a way to pay now  or if you have to wait till your old Pure Planet account gets transferred to shell and you then pay shell.

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log into your account with PP, go to help>ask a Q. send a message to customer services and they will advise whether you can pay them or whether you’ll need to wait for Shell to contact you. Replies aren’t instant. (2 working days). They will advise.

Just because you moved away before PP folded does not necessarily mean your debt won’t be transferred to Shell, it depends on the exact timing.


Hello @AdeleClarke04 

Thanks for posting! Some fantastic advice from your fellow Community Members here - if you didn’t cancel your DD we’ll take payment for your final bill automatically, there’s nothing you need to do.

If you did cancel your DD then get in touch with the team by heading to ‘help’ then ‘ask a question’ in the website or app. The team will give you BACs details so that you can make a one-off payment. 

I hope this helps!