Moving Home and Final Bill

  • 8 August 2019
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I used the app to terminate the gas and electricity services with Pure Planet because I will be moving somewhere else. When inquired about the moving date I selected the 6th of September. However, yesterday I was sent an email with a Final bill statement in which it says that it refers to the period between 22nd July and 5th of August.

I clearly selected the 6th of September as the day in which I am leaving the property, therefore I am wondering why the bill states something different. Is electricity and gas going to be cut off before I leave the property? If this is the final bill, who is paying for the period between August 5th and September 6th whilst I'm yet to leave the property? Why is the app assuming I am no longer a costumer and preventing me from submitting meter readings? Why is WattBot unresponsive? (see attached image)

I am also unsure regarding the amount I will be paying. I am leaving in September, yet I didn't even get a chance to send the meter readings for August (usually sent on the 21st or 22nd of each month) and the final meter readings on the 6th of September. I find it unacceptable to pay a bill based on loose estimates, when I can send both meter readings easily at the aforementioned dates. I would like to contact Pure Planet to solve this issue, yet the WattBot on the app is unresponsive (see attached image) - I wrote "message the team" and the upper right corner where it says "Close" started loading but nothing happened after a looooong time - and there is no phone number I can use for direct contact. I need to take care of this asap and I have no idea how to do it.

How do I sort this out? Thanks in advance!

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3 replies

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hi Richard
There was a bug in app caused wattbot to hang for leavers.
delete the app, and reinstall, hopefully you will then be able to communicate via wattbot Type message the team and explain, also send in your meter readings, Pp will then sort this for you. In any event your supply won’t be cut off. Leave the dd in place it will make things a lot easier for you especially if you’re due a refund - if you cancel it pp won’t be able to process it unless you give them bank details.
If for some reason you are unable to communicate via that method fret not you can always us the direct message facility in the community.
Post back with progress?
I am moving on the 12 th August 2019 I will take my last reading on the 11th
Hi @RichardSilva
Thanks for flagging this.
We believe this bug, as @woz has said, was fixed in an app release last week. If you update your app to the latest version it should be fine using WattBot. 🆙