monthly payment lower than the bill

My monthly payments do not look likely to cover my bill.  How do I increase the monthly payments so I don’t get a nasty surprise of a super-large bill?

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You're talking to fellow PP customers on this forum, and as such we don't have access to customers accounts. But we will help if we can.

PP review accounts twice per year, but you can ask for an account review anytime via the app>3 lines at the top>balance and payments>request an account review. 

Thanks.  In fact, my readings have gone up and my monthly payments were auto-reduced by the previous review

Seems odd @Saibh. Sorry to ask, but are you sure your payments won’t cover your usage?

This is a public forum so I don’t want to ask for specifics, but if you look at your last statement you should see how £much you used and how much you £paid.

Hello!  Yes, my usage last month was £196, my DD was £41. 

My annualised usage is c£1500 and my monthly DD is £41

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Were the monthly payments set on an incorrect estimate of your annual, that’s a long way out!

If your annual is circa £1500 your winter payment will be £150 and summer (now) will be £100 but you presumably have a backlog to catch up on? As a rule of thumb (not exact but it will do for 6 months) divide what you owe by 6 and add it to the £100, that will clear your backlog in about 6 months and then re-review in 6 months . You can suggest a figure, higher or lower (sounds like that game on the telly!)  if you aren’t happy with what PP suggest.


Seems like your recent review went wrong. I’d get in touch with PP and ask them to sort it out. 

In the app use the ☰ menu to Get help and support then Ask a Question. Now tell the Wattbot machine your situation. It likely won’t understand, so type Message the team to get the attention of a real human.

They should reply in a few days.

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@25 quid good point, even if the original was too low assuming the review was after a cold period it should have moved upwards. Maybe the review was just after the warmer months and the history is incorrect (or doesn’t exist?)