i need an account review!

  • 19 September 2021
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Since the update to the app several months ago, someone else's payments have been going into my account as well as my own! While this is good as I'm £2000 in credit, this is obviously not the case in reality, and I'd like to see how I'm actually doing as we go into winter! I've used wattbot a few times and despite it saying someone will be in touch, they never are. Please could someone look into this for me urgently, as I'm starting to do energy comparisons, and don't want to find that if I leave I'll be owing hundreds of pounds as well! I could try to request a refund of "my" credit, but I don't think this is right!

Thank you



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Hi Simon

The community has no access to account information, I can only suggest you go back to WattBot and query it again.

@Mads; @Nataly; and @Marc are Pure Planet’s three staff members here, they may be able to query with Member Services why you haven’t heard anything.

I’d assume you could get a ‘reasonably rough’ estimate, if it’s only payments that are wrong, by making a list of all the payments you know aren’t yours, and taking them away from your current balance.


I was hoping one of the 3 staff members would pass it on. There are a lot of payments and transactions, if I'm honest, I'd say 2-3 other people's, it's made my account very messy to look at! I have 3 times that wattbot has said it had been passed on them it never happens, so I'm trying this as route to get someone's attention, as they're clearly not looking into it when I ask via wattbot!


Fingers crossed!

Logic says that if you are being credited with other persons’ payments then other persons are not and their accounts are going heavily into the red. That could cause them a lot of unnecessary anxiety. It is something PP need to address urgently. Perhaps use Wattbot again to message them making the point I have just made. Make sure you start your message with the words “message the team.”

Hello @simonkirkman 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!

So I’ve flagged this with the team, don’t worry it’s not other people’s payments! It’s just your direct debit monthly payments going into your account. The reason for your high credit balance is that you’ve not received a statement for a long while (and therefore not been billed) - this will be down to a billing or metering issue. 

The team are going to look into this for you and will be in touch via WattBot today. 

I hope this helps!