I have just been asked for meter reading for payment due tomorrow

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Pure Planet requested my meter reading for 14th October yesterday.   Payment will then be due.

I am in credit by £36.13 and the payment due is £33.58.

I feel that I should cancel my direct debit, so that the credit I have covers the bill.

Am I correct?

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No. Don’t cancel DD @OllieBertie, it will make your life hard.

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They recommend not cancelling your DD

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Ok.   I won’t cancel the direct debit then.   Thanks for your advice. 

It does feel a bit odd making a payment to a company that is ceasing to trade!   

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True but until you are fully switched a new supplier then I guess you are still technically with PP. 

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You are right.      

Ofgem says cancel dd if you want . 


Hello @OllieBertie and @smc14 

Thanks for posting!

It’s best not to cancel your DD - you can read more here:

Should I cancel my Direct Debit with Pure Planet?

No. Your balance will be carried over to your new supplier.


I’m in credit. Will I get my money back?

Yes. Your balance will be carried over to your new supplier. They will be in contact with you soon and will let you know how to manage your balance.

hello @Mads 

It's doesn't matter if you do cancel your direct debit , can you tell me why it matters ? 

I'd rather cancel & keep my money in my bank rather than give it to a company that has ceased trading , despite what advice is given, whenever little people are in the mix it ain't us they look after.. I will deal with the new company thanks . Any money I owe I will pay . 

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Pp won’t keep the money any credit you have will be transferred to our new supplier.

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Whether it matters or not depend entirely on your personal circumstances and your personal disposition.

If you’re happy with the uncertainty of being hit with a bill when you have no control over when that might be or even how much it will be, and don’t mind spending your time setting up a new dd, which may involve a credit check that’s up to you. 

If you have a large credit compared with your dd and the dd is a large amount maybe it’s worth doing. 

Do whatever suits you best.

Oh I forgot to add, the money is effectively ringfenced,  the chap below isn’t an employee of Pure Planet in waiting to swallow up your hard earned dosh as soon as it hits PP’s coffers, any worry about paying a company which has failed is errr...not a worry.

at least he takes the cat along or has he pinched it?...