Getting a refund

  • 12 February 2019
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I've consistently been charged about x3 the amount of energy I've used since joining PP in November 2019 despite providing regular meter readings. I've sent a number of messages about this on my WattBot chat but it hasn't responded for the past couple of months (even though I've written 'message the team')...I've now vacated the property being supplied and have provided my closing meter readings.

I've submitted a complaint as I had no other way of contacting the team, but having reviewed the community forum I'm worried it won't get any attention!

Has anyone actually been successful in receiving a refund? And are there any other ways I can contact the team?

I'd appreciate any advice/information, thank you!

1 reply

Hi @Ayesha
When you moved home did you send your closing readings and forwarding address?
Here's more info from our FAQs section.