final meter reading wrong

  • 4 January 2022
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Just wondering who to contact about final bill being way out.

my final meter gas reading on 29th September 2021 was 2448 but pure planet has estimated my closing meter reading on the 3rd October 2021 4 days later at 5796 which is a total gas spend of £880 in 4 days obviously wrong. With no one to contact is it up to shell energy to sort out??

6 replies

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If you still have access to the app, go to help, scroll to Wattbot, in the text box type message the team, then explain the situation. You should receive a response within a day or two


Thanks Duppy for your quick response 

@Jonno44 ,

I am in the same situation. Had electric meter changed in July. Switched electric to Octopus on 1st September. Had gas disconnected on 13th September.

My final bill has an estimated amount for the electric meter that was removed in July and also for the gas meter that was removed.

I only want to pay for 14 days of unbilled electric and the membership fee for gas and electric. Pure Planet should owe me just over £100 but currently have calculated I owe them almost £200.

I am having a real battle via wattbot to get anyone to understand the meter situation and just get the bill right. It doesn't help that you get a different person answering your query every time.

Hello @Mark Pocock 

Thanks for posting! You may have more luck emailing - I say this because it may then be one advisor that looks into it for you - as opposed to it darting around via WattBot. You should receive a quick response. 

Let us know how you get on. 


Emailing in worked a treat.  Not only did I get a quick reply I also got a much more detailed one that covered the reason for the current problem with my final bill and what needed to be done to get it sorted out.

I now have the final bill generated based on the correct readings, so just need to await communication from Shell to actually get my credit balance back.

I had never had any issues getting things resolved via Wattbot before, and that was always the recommended support method, but email proved to be the way forward this time round.

Morning @Mark Pocock 

I’m really glad to hear that emailing worked out for you - thanks for keeping us updated! :blush: