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Hi I have moved out of a property and left my direct debit open with a payment being taken end of month that I moved out. My land lord has come to me with a bill that shows an unpaid balance from previous period showing on their new bill.

How do I get to speak with someone from accounts to resolve this?

FYI I can only request a quote or post this conversation all other functionality to look into my account no longer exists as I assume my account is technically closed.



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hi Grant

Your landlord should be the deemed account holder from when you moved out, unless a new tenant took the property immediately in which case it would be their responsibility.
Did you fill out the moving out section of the app/online and enter your moving out readings?
You would then have received a final bill by email - your dd should (have) remain(ed) open or pp wont be able to take the payment (or refund as appropriate)
If you were using the app you can send a message to the team in wattbot, type message the team and message etc. or if you weren't using the app and were online use the community and send a direct message <- link( or little envelop top rt) to either marc or nataly, with your details (address, old address, email used when registered and tel no.) and someone from PP should contact you.

I have the same problem. My account is showing I’m in debit (after my move out date) but I notified PP.

I can’t find a way to contact PP as wat bott not showing. Please can you send me a link.

Many thanks.

Pop into the App, Press Help then Ask A Question


Hello @Buckthorn6 

Thanks for posting! @25 quid’s screenshot should help - head to ‘help’ in the app or web and then select ‘ask a question’ this should take you to WattBot. You can then type ‘message the team’ to make sure your messages get through to them. 

I hope this helps!

Thanks so much for help. 
I’ll try this right now. It’s been so frustrating not being able to talk to someone. x