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  • 8 December 2021
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my final bill is 748.10 how is it possible?  I gave you every month meter reading from I move to this house so could you review my final bill please? I moved to this house on 15 03 21 after joining with pure planet you take direct debit every month the how could be this amount I have to pay for final bill?


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4 replies

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You are on a community forum with fellow customers. You need to contact apP via wattbott or help on the website and they will be able to look at the information on your bill

Hey @Winsten 

Could it be that your monthly Direct Debit wasn’t covering your actual energy usage? If you head to your app, or log in at, you can go to ‘balance and payments’ to view all your past energy usage statements. They’ll show your monthly account balance - that may help explain? 

You can get in touch with our Member Services team - they’ll be able to check out your final bill, usage, and make sure the bill is correct. You can contact them through ‘help’ > ‘ask a question’. :slight_smile:

if possible please send my last years usage of my gas & electricity with you ?

Hope you can help

Kind regards 

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Hi @elladent 


you are on a community forum and not speaking to PP customer service. You should be able to access your useage on the app or website via your account. If not you’ll need to speak to PP via the wattbott and they will be able to assist. 

hope this helps