Erratic Billing periods and charges.

  • 23 November 2021
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My statements are all over the place. The periods are different lengths and the ‘energy costs’ are wildly different.

When I heard about the switch to Shell, I checked my meter readings against my smart meter and noticed the Gas reading was low. So I submitted a manual reading to bring it up to date. The result is I’m showing huge consumption last month bringing it ‘up to date’. Not only has this resulted in an enormous bill covering only a few weeks, but the gas charge is 25% more than only months earlier when this Gas was actually being consumed?! And I have a smart meter?!

This doesn’t seem right at all? Can anyone shed light on how all this billing works? I feel I have been overcharged significantly by hundreds of pounds? Is it ‘convenient’ that my smart meter stopped showing my actual consumption some time ago?! Now I get a massive bill when energy prices are much higher than when I actually consumed the gas? This seems very wrong to me.





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From what you have written, it would seem that although you have a smart meter, PP may not been getting the readings.

Are the readings on your previous statements actual or estimated. If estimated that would explain the sudden increase in usage as the account will have been updated with the new information when you submitted the readings.

You can still check the meter readings in your account, if they do not have smart next to them your meters have not been automatically read, in the absence of a reading estimates will be used

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I agree it is wrong/unfair if the consumption was at the lower prices. I think you’ll have to ask PP through wattbot (to give you a paper trail ) and contact Shell (similarly to give you a record, you may need it later on) to re-look at the readings and estimate a different figure at the changeover date. They should do that if you ask; if they won’t play ball you’ll need to submit a complaint but before going down that route contact them and explain.

Hey @Bizint 

It’s also worth checking that you entered your gas reading in M3, not in kWh? That could potentially explain the difference in your readings. We have a guide here on getting your Smart gas readings

Definitely sounds like it’d be best to get in touch with our Member Services team so they can check the readings on your bill. You could also send them a photo of your current readings if you’d like? 

To get in touch with them, select ‘help’ > ‘ask a question’ in your account.