email saying balance wont be covered?

  • 30 December 2021
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I have received an email from pure planet saying my direct debit will not clear my final balance with pure planet and to make a payment, but when i did this my balance is shown as zero so i cant make an additional payment. The email also states i should set my direct debit back up, but i havent cancelled it and it is still operational so what is going on and what should i do?


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3 replies

Sounds like something’s gone wrong @HRHAngie. As you’re in pocket you could keep quiet and let Shell sort it out 😉

Or use the Wattbot in the app to message the team and ask them to investigate.  

Happy New Year!

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Unless there is a large discrepancy I’d be tempted to first check with your bank to see if the DD is still active, and if so let nature take it’s course and Shell will eventually take it over. If subsequently the DD is not being taken (then put the £££ aside), set up a new DD with Shell and cancel the original at the bank.

If there is a large discrepancy and you’re worried use help>ask aa Q when logged in to query what’s happened with the team.

Hello @HRHAngie 

Thanks for posting! Great advice from @woz and @25 quid here - as @25 quid said I think it’d be good to check on this with the team - head to ‘help’ in the app or web then ‘ask a question’ to get in touch. 

I hope this helps!