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  • 17 September 2021
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I made a HUGE mistake and left Pure Plant, who kept my monthly bills low and I could always access their website. I move to Eon a HUGE mistake iv no idea why, 3 months in Eon are increasing my bill from £33,00 per month to £1150,00 per month. You cannot access their website,if you call them they say you've used this, why cant you pay? I'm a disabled older lady living alone who uses very little gas and electric nothing has change but for them being dishonest, I dont know how to sort this but when I do I'm coming back to Pure Planet because your the best.


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@Puff That’s very kind of you but I think your thinking is flawed, not because I don’t agree that PP are good or that e.on are bad, but it just looks like e.on have screwed up your bill.

With either supplier you only pay for what you’ve used. PP will set your DD to cover your annual use and so will e.on. 

There is no way that you can go from £33 to £1150 without there being a serious error somewhere (or someone is stealing energy).but did you really mean £115.00 a month? That is possible, and if their figures are correct the same thing could have happened whoever the supplier was.

It could be that you are using more energy than they quoted for and you have a backlog to pay. Are you on a fixed or a variable tariff?

Anyway whatever the reason you need to get it sorted.

E.on say they can be contacted on  0800 054 6250 (free)

If you don’t have inclusive minutes on your phone use the above and ask them to transfer you


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