Direct Debit Payment request to increase the amount I pay on a 100% Green 12 Month Fixed Contract ?

  • 12 January 2021
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On a 12 Month Fixed Tariff is it normal for a request to Increase direct debit payments? 

4 replies

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You're talking to fellow PP customers on this forum, and as such we don't have access to customers accounts. But we will help if we can.

Yes it is. 

It is the Tariff that is fixed.( the price per kwh) So that won't increase in price within that year. 

But obviously,  if you use more gas and elec. Then you'll be using more kwh, Then your payments will increase .

(It is NOT a fixed amount per month for unlimited gas and elec, as some people think it is)



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If you are using more than you are paying it’s normal for a company to increase your monthly payments to keep you from a huge lump sum bill

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@Elephantman :elephant:

The simple answer is there is no normal. If PP think your balance after energy costs is too low or is decreasing regularly with no sign of it going the other way then they’ll make a call as to whether payments should be increased. don’t have to accept the increase, there may be a perfectly valid reason for usage not matching the annual estimate, so if you think they are wrong for any reason you can tell them why and ask them to leave it as is (with the attendant  risk that if you’re wrong, as said that you may end up with a bill you can’t pay).

As a rough and ready guide, when the DD is paid into the account you’d expect to have around a month’s average payment at that point as your balance (this is very dependant on the weather).

Make sure the readings used on the statement are correct or if they are estimated that they aren’t a long way out.