Debt collection techniques

  • 21 December 2021
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Scottish Power have a neat way to increase their profits - collect money from people who are not customers:


3 replies

Alas I fear it sheds a negative light on all energy suppliers in general though @G4RHL which is very unfair. 

It’s worse though for the person/people mistakenly pursued by Scottish Power. 

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Anyone can make a mistake, but it’s fairly clear from their ensuing actions that they either have a systemic cultural problem or their staff vetting procedure is ineffective or the workload is too high.

Either way they they need to fix it.

Although I’m sure we don’t have all of the facts, their denial, i.e. “Your source's allegations on our debt management policies are all untrue.” is missing the explanation which accounts for their disgraceful actions.

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They clearly don’t have a system to provide proper checks and yes, @Marc , the media have a  habit of tarring all with the same brush using gentle implication or innuendo. Which? were doing the same the other day suggesting energy suppliers deliberately increase customers’ direct debits when there is no need in order to help their cash flow. Ofgem are now looking at that. They should have been looking at it years ago!

I believe harassing a debit is still a criminal offence. Except in this case the customer was not a debtor. Unlawful  breaking and entering though.