• 20 November 2021
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Why do I owe a debit payment when I’ve always paid my bill?


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@Ella29103 Without more information it is not easy to help. Mostly this will happen due to the timing of when the bill is prepared to, when the direct debit is taken and the amount of credit held. I am not sure any members here  pay our bills each month. Not in the pure sense. We pay an amount to cover the prospective cost and it could be more or less than the month’s bill, with more paid October to March. It evens out over the year. Your statement will make it clear what you are paying for and why.  

At present none of us are receiving bills and the app will not accept meter readings whilst all is transferred to Shell.  Although I believe Pure Planrt has started to send bills out to customers  for the period up to the 16th October. Not got mine yet.

As it may be a little while before Shell get up to speed and send us bills I suggest you keep a note of meter readings. Ideally, if you can, take a photo of each meter. As there may be a period ahead when you are using energy but nobody is billing you, set aside what you think the cost may be each month so that you are ready for the catch up bill when it comes. Of course, if there is a credit held with Pure Planet that will be passed to Shell bring that into your calculations.