• 24 November 2021
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Can you tell me how I am showing as £91 in debit when I haven’t missed a single payment? 


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I can’t tell you specifically as the community don’t have access to your account but the credit or debit on your account is related to your usage, so my guess is you’ve used more over a period of time than your direct debit covered, OR has the direct debit missed the account as it came too late to show, OR any number of related reasons. Your balance will always show as a fluctuating amount, it isn’t a fixed contract where you can use however much and still pay the same, if your balance went out of whack either way eventually your payments would be adjusted one way or the other.

Check your payment history and post back with more details for further help.

When was the statement issued?

Does it show your DD payment?

Have you been building up a debit because you were using more than the DD covered?