• 20 September 2021
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Paying to much and can't afford the bills



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Paying to much for my energy

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Are you saying your DDs are too much and you need a review?

Or are you saying in general that the price of energy is exorbitant? In that case, there's not alot we, the community, can do about that, I'm afraid. 

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If you are struggling to make your payments, perhaps this may help


I need you to phone me to discuss my account as my fixed deal comes to an end and my next payment is £358 which is more than my mortgage and this is a ridiculous amount to pay. Why is this company so hard to contact or speak to? Why can I not ring you. Please ring me ASAP 

I need to know why there is so much gas and electric being used so I need a breakdown for both to see what I need to cut down on

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You are on a public forum with fellow customers. @Mads @Nataly @Marc flagging with your as there is personal information in the post. Can you redact please?

It’s probably due to the 200% price rises everyone is seeing @Shamoneheehee12


PP is a digital only company. In the app tap Help then Ask a Question. Now tell the Wattbot machine your situation. It likely won’t understand, so type Message the team to get the attention of a real human.

They should reply in a few days.

You can look at your statements in the app too — they will breakdown your usage.

Hi @Shamoneheehee12 

Just to let you know I’ve removed your phone number from your post - this is a public forum so it’s best not to post any personal info. 

Our Member Services team will be happy to discuss this with you, and chat about your payment options, too. The best way to get in touch with them is through ‘help’ > ‘ask a question’, when logged in to your app or at 

Since this is specific to your payments, you may also want to type ‘message the team’. 

Hope that helps - I’d definitely recommend entering your latest meter readings, too, if you haven’t already. That’ll make sure we have your up-to-date energy usage info to hand! 

message the team


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You're talking to fellow PP customers on this forum, and as such we don't have access to customers accounts. But we will help if we can.
There are no call centres with PP, it is an app-based company.

You need to send your message to the team directly via Wattbot.

If you log in, click 'help' at the bottom, then click 'Ask a question', Then you need to type in 'message the team' .

It will then offer you a few options of faq,  if none apply - then click on the box that says 'message the team',

You can then type in your message (and any photos, if necessary.)

Then wait until you see the reply from Wattbot saying 'OK, I've passed our conversation to the team'

please note it’s not a live-chat and it’ll be 2 or 3 working days before they’re able to reply.

Hi @Shamoneheehee12 

Just to let you know I’ve merged your posts together, to keep everything in the same place. 

Looks like @Angelabikerbabe has provided a really clear breakdown on how to get in touch with the team. You can do that on the Pure Planet app, or when logged in at