• 29 December 2021
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Hi , pure planet still take money from my bank account as direct debit - I received email from shell and provided to them meter reading 


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Don't worry, Pure Planet are still taking direct debits until Shell fully set up your account and payments, which should be early January. Any money paid to PP will be protected and forwarded to Shell and applied to your account

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Although my account is set up, starting readings are correct and it is ready to take readings, it looks like the DD has not been transferred over yet as it still shows in my bank account as Pure Planet, no doubt due to still being set up with the bank. Plus my large credit balance with PP does not show. I would have thought it is easier to do a complete transfer of a customer’s data all in one go, rather than bits at a time to avoid errors.

Guys - Thanks for your reply 

I notice that my credit still on pure planet account , and shell asked to do the meter reading for dicembre which is the latest one . But pure planet took money already for December/ November / October 


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@Giammy88 Thats the way it works during the transition period. I have a large credit with PP which will increase on the 1st January (probably the 4th) yet Shell have been my supplier since 17/10/21 and want me to send a reading shortly although I suspect they will get it for themselves. Sometime in January the credit balance will transfer to Shell. It is not a speedy process. The only solace is our funds are protected. That leads to an interesting thought. What if Shell went into liquidation? Unlikely but if they did, do Ofgem (that means you and I indirectly) pick up the debt? I assume so.