Cancelled Debit card

  • 30 September 2020
  • 5 replies

Cancelled my debit card 

5 replies

Hi @Marewee

You’re talk to your fellow PP customers here. What’s on your mind? Give us a bit more to go on and we’ll jump right in and see if we can help...

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hello Mary weebanks

do you mean you’ve cancelled your direct debit?

(This is a public community and it looks like you’ve used your full name in the title.)

Hey @Marewee and welcome to the Community:slight_smile:

Just to let you know, I’ve edited the subject of your post - it’s best not to include personal info, as this is a public Community. 

If you need to change your Direct Debit info, you can do that when logged in to your app or at by selecting ‘balance and payments’. There’s more info on that in our FAQs, too. 

Let us know if that’s helped? 

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covering all bases here perhaps the subject should read cancelled direct debit card…:robot:

I have my doubts as to whether wee mary will be back, did anyone check her account?

Good shout @woz :thumbsup: 

Generally speaking, depending what’s happened, our Payments team would be able to get in touch to make sure everything’s OK on the account if the Member’s not been able to sort it :slight_smile: