• 7 February 2019
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Hello my name is Chris I'm trying to send some documents over to prove I no longer love at a previous stress but I no longer have my login or mobile to do this but I do have a text of my old landlady to say when my tenancy ended

1 reply

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hello Chris.... love at a previous stress? great words for a song but it really means at a previous address
You don't say what documents you have or whether they are electronic or paper.
PP's address for mail is
Pure Planet
The Square, Lower Bristol Road, Bath, BA2 3BH.

or if you send a direct message to marc, click on THIS and go to send new message on LHS, and give him details, one of the team will be able to email you and facilitate whatever you're trying to do, which presumably is prove you moved out of somewhere which was supplied by PP.
Did you not send details when you moved out or have I misunderstood this?
take a screenshot of the text.