account in credit or debit?

  • 7 December 2021
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We’ve been emailed by PurePlanet to say our final balance is (-£1,056.94) and that we need to make payment. But doesn’t that mean they owe us? Can you help?


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unfortunately on the face of it, it does mean you owe that money BUT, it seems very large and could well be an error so before you do anything are are some questions.

What has caused the large negative balance? Have you checked the readings used on the bill against what the readings are on the meter(s) on the wall?

Has your meter been changed, if so when?

Were you submitting regular readings before PP ceased trading? If not were PP taking Smart readings?

Do you have any previous statements (these are available in your email and in your account?

What was the balance on the last statement before you received this one?

If you don’t want to discuss it in the public community (we don’t have access to your account so we can only suggest) ) use help>ask a Q when logged in to query it with Customer Services.

It sounds unusually high I would have thought that if you were building up a debt like that PP would have contacted you previously hence why I think this needs careful examination before you conclude anything.

For a debt like that you would have to have been using way more energy than you were quoted for and I’m sure you would have noticed the debt increasing on your account assuming PP were not estimating over a long period


Hello @Befreeze 

Thanks for posting! Some fab advice from @woz here - if you didn’t cancel your DD we’ll take payment for your final bill automatically, there’s nothing you need to do.

If you did cancel your DD then get in touch with the team by heading to ‘help’ then ‘ask a question’ in the website or app. The team will give you BACs details so that you can make a one-off payment. 

If you want to double check anything on the bill, the team will also be able to lend a helping hand there. 

I hope this helps!