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  • 17 September 2021
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This month for reasons out of my control I was unable to pay the bill


I have a monthly direct debit set up but, my account is in credit.


Surely they should take the bill amount from the credit?


Don't want to cancel the direct debit just incase but I might have too just for this month, would I get charged?




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Hi @PaulMoly 

The Direct Debit is set up to take approximately your annual consumption over 12 payments, it's not meant to 'take the bill amount from the credit' as your account should be in credit by roughly one month anyway.

Your best bet is probably to contact Pure Planet Member Services and see if anything can be done to take either no payment, or a reduced payment this month.

To contact member services, you need to open WattBot and type 'Message the Team' - what, if anything, they can do, is to some degree reliant on how much time remains before your DD is due to go out.

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Perfect, I'll try that. Thank you 

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@PaulMoly  as per @Gwyndy ‘s advice but to add If PP were not able to take the DD they will try again (I think it’s 10 days later but I may be wrong)

Hello @PaulMoly 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!

Some great advice from @woz and @Gwyndy - @woz is spot on here, we’ll try and take the Direct Debit payment again 10 working days after the original date. It’s best not to cancel your Direct Debit, as you’ll only need to set it back up again. Also it’s always good if your account is in credit by around one months DD payment. 

If you think your Direct Debit payments are inaccurate you can ask for an account review:

I hope this helps!