£280 Decemeber Bill?

  • 22 December 2021
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I have now had £280 deducted in December.

I also had £28 deducted in November.

I now have a positive balance of £277.

This is almost twice as much as PP normally debit.

Why would PP make the decision to DD this amount?

It makes no sense.




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3 replies

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@Bobby J

Even though Pure Planet are in administration, they are still collecting your usual direct debits to ensure that you will have funds available when Shell eventually produce your first statement, possibly beginning of January. Any credit you have will be sent to Shell and applied to your account.

Bear in mind that any " positive " balance shown in your PP account will actually be less than it is, as you have not yet been charged for any energy used since 17 October

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@Bobby J 

how much was your cold months payment before PP folded?

Once the charges for use since October are taken your balance will be much lower

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@Bobby J 

Have you had  more taken than what your direct debits should have normally been set at?

Have the direct debits continued at the normal level before this (remembering that your winter payments from October will be 1.5 times what the September payment was)?

Post back?