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  • 30 June 2020
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We review your account every six months to make sure your payments match your energy usage. 

To do this, your annual payment is compared with your projected annual usage.

If what you’re currently paying isn’t going to continue covering the cost of your energy usage, including going into higher winter usage, we’ll let you know we think your Direct Debits need to be increased, and by how much.

If you’ve been paying for more energy than you’ve used, and it’s projected that you’ll continue to build credit on your account, we’ll suggest a decrease in your Direct Debits in line with your projected usage for the year.

There are several reasons we wouldn’t carry out a review on your account, as they could cause the estimated usage and balance to be inaccurate. These reasons are:

  • You’ve been on supply with us for less than 6 months
  • You’ve not received a statement since coming on supply
  • There’s an ongoing reading dispute, erroneous transfer or your meter details are being updated on the national gas and electricity databases (for example after a previous unrecorded meter exchange)
  • An ongoing complaint case
  • A particularly large debit/credit as our Payments team resolve these on an individual basis
  • If there’s ongoing activity with our Payments team, for example, there's been a missed Direct Debit payment or a cancelled Direct Debit
  • If the Member Services team have carried out a manual Direct Debit review on your account in the last 6 months

How will I know you’ve reviewed my account?

When it's time to review your account, we'll email you to let you know. And in the Balance & payments section of your Pure Planet app or web account, you'll see a new 'Account review' option. This is where you'll see any proposed changes to your account.

You can accept or query the proposed changes. WattBot will also be able to answer the most commonly asked questions we get whenever we review your account.

You can  view the details of your account review

Querying your account will take you directly into a new WattBot chat where you can suggest an alternative payment. This will put your account on hold as our Member services team investigate further. You can also accept the review, too, at this stage if your question’s been answered.

New WattBot chat if you query your review

Want an account review sooner than six months?

In 'Balance & Payments' tap 'review my account now' - WattBot will collect some information from you, and pass this to the team to look into.

Request an account review

Payment of refunds

If you’ve built up lots of credit, our Member services team will arrange a refund.

Usually this will come in instalments paid by Go Cardless and will appear with reference ‘Pure Planet’.

If, for example, your monthly Direct Debit was £90 and you’re owed a refund of £300,  you’ll see three reverse instalments of £90 , plus £30 to bring it to the total.

Refunds sent before 1 September 2020 may appear in some bank accounts as from ‘GC’ or ‘GC1’ - sorry for the confusion this may cause, we’ve worked with Go Cardless to change this to ‘Pure Planet’ for refunds from 1 September onward. 

Financial vulnerability 

If you need support, let us know. We will do what we can to help. Log onto your account, tap ‘Get help and support’, and ask WattBot for “help with payments” - you’ll be guided from there.

We also have partnerships with two financial charities StepChange and Money Advice Trust. Both will be able to advise you independently on the best financial way forward for you.

StepChange are also available here for anyone who wants to ask them a question about managing payments.

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