Paying too much for my energy - what do I do?

  • 30 June 2020
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Please make sure you’re sending your monthly meter readings - this helps us to bill you accurately. If you think something looks wrong, head to ‘balance and payments’ in your account and tap ‘review my account now’. We can look into it for you. 

To make sure your payments and energy usage match we carry out account reviews once every six months. 

Our warmer/ cooler months payment split has been designed to help prevent you building up a large credit or debit - we take a little less in the warmer months (April to September) and a little more in the colder months (October to March) to match seasonal energy usage.

Fluctuations throughout the year are expected, and it’s unlikely your payments will always match your bills exactly. If the energy usage information you provided when you got your quote is accurate, the payments will balance out over 12 months.

This may mean that some months you are in credit, but this will be used up in the colder months.

There’s a few reasons someone may be paying too much, or have built up larger credit than usual: 

  • They may have overestimated their usage when switching to us (often this is caused by selecting high, medium or low usage when getting a quote, rather than entering a more accurate kWh annual usage)
  • Circumstances may have changed, for example someone moving out of the property
  • Unseasonably mild weather

Want a review sooner than every six months?

In your account tap ‘Balance & payments’ > 'request an account review'. WattBot will collect some information from you, and pass this to our team to look into. 

Don't worry - they won't make any changes without your agreement!

Check out this FAQ for more info about account reviews.

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