How annual energy usage is calculated

  • 26 August 2020
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Joining Pure Planet

The way we estimate your annual energy usage when you join Pure Planet is based on the information you provide when getting your quote.

You’ll be asked to give us your usage from a recent bill from the old energy supplier. 

This information is called:

  • the Estimated Annual Consumption of electricity (EAC)
  • the Annual Quantity of gas used (AQ)

If you don’t have this information, then you’ll be asked to choose from either ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’ annual usage.

These three options use Ofgem averages:

  • Low means 1800 kWh for electricity, 8000 kWh for gas
  • Medium means 2900 kWh for electricity, 12000 kWh for gas
  • High means 4300 kWh for electricity, 17000 kWh for gas

Once you’ve supplied your usage, we calculate what your monthly payments should be. We usually find that Members who choose Low, Medium or High rather than provide actual usage from a recent bill are more likely to build up some credit or debit over time. This means we’re more likely to propose a new monthly payment when we review your account after six months. 

Changing tariff and account reviews

If you’re already a Pure Planet Member who’s changing to a different tariff, we use a two-step process to calculate the estimated cost.

Step 1 - projected annual usage
We calculate this by looking at the previous year’s meter readings. 

If we’ve only got meter readings for part of the year, we calculate the usage based on actual readings for the period that they cover, and estimate the ‘gap’ period.

For the estimates, the energy industry uses seasonal adjusting, for each day of the year. (This is why you can get two quotes over two days which are slightly different, even if it’s just a few pence.)

If you’ve not sent any readings at all then we’ll estimate for the whole year.

Step 2 - projected annual spend
Once we've calculated your projected usage per fuel, we multiply the usage by the rate per fuel and then add in the membership fee and dual fuel discount (if appropriate), that gives us the projected spend.

When changing tariff, or in your 6-monthly account review, the suggested Direct Debit payments are designed to cover the projected spend, with a little less in the warmer months, and a little more in the cooler months. 

Accounts are reviewed every six months.

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